The New Way to Connect

Connect with the right people at the right time.Nurture meaningful relationships securely & across any mobile platform.

How NEMO works?

  • Place two phones togetherTap two phones together - compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Tailor Your SharingChoose what you want to share from up to 6 communication platforms.
  • Connect INSTANTLYSwap information securely, in SECONDS!
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Game-changing Technology

You can connect across all your favorite platforms in just a matter of SECONDS.

No more fussing around with manual contact entry or business cards.

With NEMO, all you need to do is bring your phones close, and viola.

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The NEMO Effect

NEMO is more than an app.

We believe relationships and connections make us human. We function as the bridge between the digital and physical worlds - facilitating genuine + REAL connections with REAL people, IRL.

CONTROL & OWN YOUR DATA“Lose my number” just got real

“Delete my info” is now a reality. NEMO is fully decentralized and operates in the highest SECURITY.

You finally have a say in who receives and retains your personal details.

We’ve made it so you can make life-changing connections on your own terms.

Create, Cultivate, Curate your community on NEMO.Join the beta today
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